Relationship: Broken Promises

Why some men are always right?

He is taught to be tough and macho. He was told to run the show. He dared and earned bucks and took pride in conquering the world.

The woman in his life, always learnt to celebrate his success as his best companion. In between she forgot to fight her own battle. Giving up her dues, she kept on building debts…which were unfathomable.

She keeps pondering why she is not the object of celebration. Fazed up she continues to serve. For he runs the show, in the leading role and she is only the supporting actor who completes the frame. Her need to be happy ceases to vanish.

One day she finds herself weak enough to stand to fill the frame and wants to quit.

He is offended. How dare she spoil the art work of years. It was his canvass! He calls her unworthy lot and asks her if she thinks herself as the Goddess?

Broken, she cries for a while and pauses before replying.

He was the God for her; atleast she treated him like one. Blame it on her upbringing. Her father was simpleton to tell her to live and die in the husband’s house. She was educated, yet unprogressive girl to have believed the man who proposed her for marriage. She was rest assured with love by her side, he would be always there.

He was God for her, Over any relation she had known.

After asking her to Fuck off, he tells her composing himself, It was not my fault. You never asked for anything? I never deprived you off anything…You are accusing me…for…what?

She pauses. Ten years have gone. Does this man needs 10 more years to know the answer to his question?

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Relationship: Broken Promises

Beyond the Design

soulsThere are things beyond human interface. Whenever we believe we know all, our knowledge is abstract and so many truths remain lay buried in the sub conscious mind. Metaphysical presence of our angel souls is one of them.

Sooner we may figure out the unlocked mysteries of the designated destiny or live the pain and wait for the destiny to play the foul.

Being away from you is not the pain, it has been a suffering. Separation was a hurt and suffering caused by it left a bane forever. All I were bereft me.

Beyond the Design

Year 2015: Few Lessons Learnt

cropped-pic.jpgYear 2015 was a year reflection for me. I am trying to list few of my personal observations in brief below.

  1. Say yes to yourself before you say yes to your spouse, relative or friend.
  2. Unless you love, respect or care for yourself, you cannot do the same for anyone else.
  3. Relationships are complicated as we put too much weight on them for our happiness.
  4. Nothing defines degree of our happiness as much as our mental balance do. Neither our fat salary check, nor a very lovable spouse is the key to our happiness. Happiness culminates within so work towards your passion. When you are at peace, all around you would be at peace soon.
  5. Everything has an expiry date and so does the emotions. Stop blaming yourself for not feeling the same you were expected to.
  6. No one can define the right way for you. You are the best judge.
  7. Forgive else you would be a prisoner of your own peace.
  8. Love thee, who flowers your garden. It is not going to rain always. So cherish the present. Future could bring more flowers in your garden but today’s buds would be history.Seek Love, Peace and Harmony in the coming Year. Happy 2016.
Year 2015: Few Lessons Learnt

Fateful Friday!

On Friday everything changed. Iyana Fernandez– the name that’s been captive inside my heart’s deepest layer has surfaced once again. Her mystical presence never ceased to leave me. She is reason for my cosmic existence. Distance could never evade her thoughts. I am, as she is. That day, nineteen years ago she asked to never chase her and I couldn’t move inch ahead to stop her. Gazing her steps against me, I had transformed into a stoned man. Deep inside, my soul locked something I couldn’t feel, till the moment I checked my mail. Signed by Iyana, it begins…

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Fateful Friday!

Angry Indian Goddesses- Movie Review

Couldn’t be titled more aptly! Women in India are always vehemently referred as Goddesses, Devi, Lakshmi, Kali, Ma and What Not?? Our culturally rich Indian society is self-obsessed in its grandeur of manifestation of roles for women. But did anybody bother to fate of women inside/outside the threshold of this shallow cultural shrewdness?


When I watched this female fiesta, several stories of known and unknown women played in front of my eyes. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I too was longing to party with besties, and rock the fate with a call!


Though soon the party shuts down with an obvious cast for a bolly girl not dressed appropriately in the mid of night! Rape – sexual assault, only reality check left for our society!


Reality check lies in waking up as a society to the fact that women make half of population all over. They are not lesser in any way. The roles they get to play in their life should not be the one to define them. They should be able to choose to play for roles for them and pronounce their own identity.


Being a Mother is joyful. But being a mother who lacks her voice is no virtue. This is certainly a movie for women, for most men would love to ignore such emotional upheaval at all costs.

Angry Indian Goddesses- Movie Review

Wonder Home at the Hilltop


Each one of us feel very highly of us. At least I did, on the last day of my Leh trip when I tried to chase the Holy Mountains till I lost my breath. I left all my companions behind. Seeking pride in my adventure I presumed for a miniscule that I am the only survivor on the hill top. Though the merriment could not sink in as I saw a little messenger of God waving towards me. Mocking at brazen ego, a city dweller bowed to the little boy who greeted him to one of the most articulate architectures in the world.


Wonder Home at the Hilltop